One of the biggest factors influencing the look of your kitchen is the doors. Tired and outdated units immediately give away the age of your kitchen. With years of use, hinges get worn-out, leading to an unattractive jumble of cabinetry, corners get knocked and dented and edges get scraped. No matter how diligent a kitchen owner you are, wear and tear is inevitable over time.

But, why waste your entire kitchen just because of some damaged units? Breathe life into your existing space with a brand-new set of doors. At Cambridge Refurbishment Kitchens, we offer a beautiful range of high-quality options that will refresh your kitchen for a beautiful and welcoming space. Whether you currently have traditional or modern cabinetry, you can choose a fantastic new style to transform the look of your existing space. Pair this with luxurious worktops and state-of-the-art appliances for a completely transformational look.


Timeless Shaker Doors

Shaker doors are a mainstay of kitchen design. Admired for their pure simplicity and elegance, they look outstanding in both modern and traditional settings. At Cambridge Refurbishment Kitchens we offer a range of gorgeous hand-painted colours and wood finishes to achieve exactly the look you desire. Opt for a dramatic darker shade with gold or copper handles to bring your kitchen straight into the 21st Century or choose calming neutrals for a homely style that sits perfectly in any space.


Go Bold With Gloss

Create a stylish design statement with distinctive cutting-edge gloss doors. This striking style looks beautifully modern and bright for a refurbishment that’s fresh and inviting. Replace tired units with pristine gloss panels to achieve a stunning contemporary look that’s easy to maintain.