One of the most significant benefits of opting for a refurbishment instead of an entirely new kitchen is that you can completely transform the look and feel of your space for just a small proportion of the cost.

Whether you choose new doors, worktops or appliances, choosing the right colour scheme is crucial to achieving just the right atmosphere as well as ensuring your kitchen lasts for many more years to come. However, when you decide to refurbish your kitchen, there may be existing design features to take into account. We’ve put together our top tips for creating a stylish and timeless colour scheme that establishes seamless harmony with your existing interior.


Fortunately, when you choose a kitchen refurbishment, you don’t have to redecorate your whole interior and you might actually prefer to keep your existing wall covering as it is. While some kitchens present a blank canvas in the form of white walls, this isn’t always the case and, so, understanding how to complement your current wall colour is vital to the success of your design.

A wonderful way to work with your existing wall colour is to layer similar hues in darker or lighter tones. For example, cream walls pair beautifully with comparably neutral beige or warm grey tones. Grey is an exceptionally versatile shade available in an endless variety of cool and warm tones and makes a great choice for a graceful and timeless interior. Layering similar colours establishes a cohesive and unified style as well as introducing a sense of depth and detail which contributes to creating a gorgeously cosy and elegant atmosphere.

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Alternatively, bring energy and vibrancy to your kitchen by opting for bold contrasting tones. Take a look at the colour wheel and choose colours that are opposite to each other to make a striking impact. Dark and sophisticated navy blues and forest greens are an on-trend yet timeless choice. A bright and fresh white can also offset most colours bringing a lively modern edge to your interior.


When refurbishing your kitchen, you have the option to update your appliances, though if you decide to allocate your budget elsewhere you may need to consider creating a colour scheme that complements your existing products. Most door colours and finishes work perfectly well with stainless steel designs, however, if you have white appliances you may want to consider a white or light grey colour scheme.


When it comes to choosing a colour scheme to complement your flooring there are a couple of approaches you can take, you can either create a stylish contrast or opt for a more subtle corresponding finish. Making a definite distinction one way or the other will bring a sense of intent and style to your interior.

Textured natural stone or wood floors are extremely versatile and pair beautifully with wood veneer cabinetry or soft hand-painted neutral finishes. Alternatively, create a sophisticated contrast with an on-trend dramatic shade or a sleek gloss monochrome finish. More modern floor tiles work brilliantly with a flat panel door style in a similar shade or enhance the contemporary aesthetic with a contrasting warm wood grain effect finish or a fresh and vivid flush of colour.

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When choosing a colour palette to complement your flooring consider what kind of atmosphere you’re looking to create, for an elegant and understated design opt for a consistent use of colour and texture or add drama and make a statement with contrasting features.


As well as considering the elements of your kitchen you have chosen to keep, you will also need to take into account the fixed characteristics of your space such as size, lighting and layout. A compact kitchen will less natural light will benefit from a brighter colour scheme to help create the illusion of space. However, if you love the sophisticated flair offered by darker tones, a two-tone design could be the solution. Introduce a bold colour below the eye line to add interest and style without overwhelming your space. Alternatively, to add character to a small space create vivid colour accents with accessories and quirky design details.

In a large kitchen with plenty of natural light consider experimenting with your colour scheme and opting for something more striking, an overly tentative use of colour can result in the space looking washed out. Highlight features of your layout such as an island or seating area with a distinctive colour accent to bring depth and character to your space.

Whether you prefer to create a striking modern look or a more subtle traditional ambience, there are plenty of options when it comes to achieving the perfect harmonious colour scheme to complement your space. With so many colours and finishes to choose from you can rest assured your kitchen refurbishment won’t compromise on style. If you’d like more advice on introducing colour to your refurbishment, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Cambridge Refurbishment Kitchens by calling 01223 904160 or email [email protected].